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Calcium (Ca)

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Macromineral calcium is needed for teeth and bone formation, blood coagulation, the release of hormones and sustaining neurological functions in our body. Most of it is stored in the bones. Being a double-edged sword, calcium's toxicity and deficiency can lead to some fatal issues. Thus, its level must lie within the normal calcium range. A calcium blood test means testing the amount of calcium present in your blood. The amount that reflects finally is useful for screening, diagnosing and monitoring for calcium-regulation disorders. Calcium levels are used to diagnose bones, teeth, kidneys, pancreas, heart and nervous system disorders. Serum calcium tests will not indicate the amount of calcium present in the bones or the lack of calcium in your diet. To know about bone health, your doctor will advise a bone density scan or a DEXA scan. Based on your history and symptoms, the doctor will prescribe a blood calcium test to assess the functioning of various organs of the body. It can also be prescribed as part of routine blood tests to screen for any dormant/subclinical infection or disease. In modern India, calcium deficiency continues to rise at a fast rate. India, the most extensive milk producer (calcium-rich product), consumes less than 50% of the recommended amount. Approximately 85% of Indians suffer from vitamin D deficiency disorders despite adequate sunlight. High-risk groups for developing calcium disorders are infants, female athletes, postmenopausal women, people with lactose intolerance or milk allergies and the elderly. Some common disorders caused due to insufficient sunlight and calcium that are inclusive to India are Rickets, Osteomalacia and Osteoporosis.
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