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It is done to evaluate the health of your kidneys. It can be done as a part of a basic metabolic panel or when you have signs or symptoms suggestive of kidney disease like swelling of face, ankle, lower back pain, changes in urine output etc. It should also be done to monitor the treatment if you are already diagnosed with kidney disease. It is also ordered if you have diseases which can affect the kidney like diabetes, etc. Muscles help in the movement of our bodies, but they need creatine to function, which is an organic acid that supplies energy to cells. When it breaks down, creatinine is produced as a waste by-product. It is then carried to the kidney via blood. This creatinine later tells physicians whether or not our kidneys are working properly. Improper functioning of kidneys is shown by symptoms like fatigue, loss of appetite, lower back pain, change in the amount and frequency of urine, nausea and vomiting. The consulting doctor will ask you to check the creatinine levels, which are tested through a creatinine test. And the test tells the doctors whether the kidneys are working properly. High levels of creatinine show the kidney is not working properly. It can be due to bacterial infection, kidney stones, diabetes or dehydration. The creatinine test is also performed as a part of other tests like the Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) test, Kidney function test and Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP). Kidney diseases are one of the major public health problems across the globe. In India, around one lakh new people enter the renal replacement programs every year. Kidney problems are prevalent in about 17% of the population, with some 6% of the people at the third stage of chronic kidney diseases. A simple venous blood sample is sufficient to test blood levels of creatinine. The creatinine levels are detected in the serum, which is a component of the blood.
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