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Bottle is one of the most essential things in our homes and outside. It is generally used to store some liquid substance for instance water, milk, tea, juice, etc. At PharmEasy, you will find some of the best quality bottles from trusted brands at good prices. PharmEasy also offers delivery service, which is very easy and convenient.

Why are bottles important?

Are you consuming the recommended amount of liquid, such as water? Carrying a bottle with you at all times is the best approach to ensure that you remember to drink more water. In order to maintain the body's fluid balance, which aids in the transit of nutrients in the body, the regulation of body temperature, the digestion of food and other functions, it is crucial to drink enough water, as approximately 60% of the human body is made up of it.

Types of Bottle

  • Here is a list of different types of bottles available on the market:
  • Plastic: Plastic water bottles perform well for daily activities like going to work, school or running errands. They are quite reasonably priced and are simple to wash by hand or in the dishwasher.
  • Aluminium: These are for those who enjoy the outdoors the most like cyclists, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel bottles are popular with both fashionistas and trend setters. Everyone, from busy professionals to marathon runners can enjoy a refreshing drink throughout the day since the water stays cool for an absurdly long time.
  • Glass: Glass is often difficult to carry outdoors due to its weight and tendency to break. Still, using this style of water bottle adds a sense of elegance to your dining table, dinner parties, wedding receptions and other formal events.

Top Bottle Brands and USPs

  • Here are some of the well-known brands of bottle products:
  • Liveasy: Your health depends on staying hydrated, therefore it's advisable to bring water with you when you go outside. Although plastic bottles are widespread, the LivEasy Essentials Bottles are a superior option.
  • Mothercare: The base of Mothercare bottles makes them simple to grip and minimises any danger of spills or unintentional tilting. It is an attractive, leak-proof bottle that comfortably fits in your hand.
  • Buddsbuddy: The loyalty of their clients and the support of their team are Buddsbuddy's greatest assets. Their efforts to create products with a clear utility purpose, careful innovation, exhaustive research, environmental awareness and a commitment to making them safe, efficient, accessible and sustainable have resulted in their offerings.
  • Little’S: Because the Little'S bottle is composed of BPA-free materials, it is entirely safe for newborns to use. It is quite beautiful in design and safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

The most secure bottle type is glass, which also delivers the purest flavour, while stainless steel has insulating advantages that help to keep your beverages hot or cool.

question 2

Recycling plastic bottles lessen the use of non-renewable resources since new plastic bottles are made from petroleum.

question 3

The initial plastic bottle was created by engineer Nathaniel Wyeth.

question 4

The cost of a bottle varies depending on the brand and the type of material used.

question 5

The substances bisphenol and antimony, usually referred to as BPA, are released whenever a bottle is heated. According to studies, these substances may have a negative impact on children's health. Go for bottles made of food-grade plastic and check the label for BPA free.
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