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One of the daily necessities for cleaning the kitchen area is dishwash. Some of the top dishwashing products now on the market may be found at PharmEasy. You will therefore have a selection of dishwashing products to pick from and buy.

Why is Dishwash important?

  • The dishwashing liquid has several uses and is far more useful around the house than you might expect.
  • Gets Rid of Grease: A dishwashing product is important to have in your kitchen because it is primarily used for cleaning dishes. From removing stains, and stench from food to getting rid of sticky grease, a dishwashing product keeps your dishes, cutlery and kitchen utensil clean and hygienic.
  • Tidy patio furniture: On counters, window sills, and other surfaces like glass and plastic, dishwashing liquid works nicely. To remove the filth and grime, mix a tiny amount of the liquid with warm water in a spray bottle.
  • Cleaning kitchen equipment: Kitchen appliances need to be cleaned frequently since cooking residue and stains can accumulate on them. The moderate and gentle cleaning power of dishwashing liquid will assist in cleaning some surfaces of appliances including ovens, toasters, blenders, refrigerators, and griddles.
  • An efficient stain remover: The most difficult stains to get rid of are oil-based ones since they frequently persist even after soaking and leave behind a black stain or cause discolouration. However, grease-removal-specific dishwashing liquid might perform much better than regular laundry detergents.

Types of Dishwash

  • There are currently three variations of dishwashing detergent: cake, powder, and gel.
  • Cake: These typically take the form of little bricks of concentrated dishwashing powder, though some may be partially or entirely made of gel-based detergent instead of powder.
  • Powder: As the name suggests, this type of detergent is a scoopable powder that goes into the dishwasher's dispenser and resembles laundry powder.
  • Gel: Dishwashing gel resembles dishwashing liquid, which is used to wash dishes by hand or machine. It is poured into the dishwasher's dispenser and diluted before use.
  • Top Dishwash brands and USPs
  • Dr Cleanup: The Dr Cleanup Fresh Lime Dishwashing Gel is a well-known brand in India. The strength of 100 lemons is infused in this fresh lime dishwashing gel. Even tough material from lunchboxes can be removed with the use of Dr. Cleanup dish soap.
  • Vim: Made with the goodness of actual lime juice, Vim Bar and Gel offers outstanding degreasing properties that leave dishes dazzling and bright.
  • Exo: Exo was the first antibacterial dish soap bar made in India. Exo presented itself as a soap bar that eliminates all the bacteria on the dishes and kitchenware.
  • Pril: The name Pril stands for performance and eases even while dealing with the most difficult grease issues. With a strong focus on customer demands and innovation, Pril has added a variety of new goods and solutions to its portfolio of offerings, including a cutting-edge new formula that effectively removes grease and starch without the need for lengthy pre-soaking.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

Typically, dishwashing soaps are blends of surfactants that cause less skin irritation. An example of a frequently used surfactant with cleaning capability is sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).

question 2

Water, detergent, thickening agents and stabilising agents make up the first four constituents of dishwashing liquid.

question 3

When opened, powdered dish detergent is only usable for up to six months, unlike liquid soap, which can last for a year to 18 months. It is quite shelf-stable when unopened.

question 4

It is advised to use liquid dish soap instead of solid dish soap when washing dishes. Compared to solid dish soap, which may take many washes, liquid dish soap will last you longer and actually do the job of getting your dishes squeaky clean, so you'll spend less overall.
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