Dr Morepen Gluco One Bg 03 Glucometer Test Strips Box Of 50

Dr Morepen Gluco One Bg 03 Glucometer Test Strips Box Of 50

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This blood glucose electronic testing machine from Dr Morepen is to be used with the BG-03 strips and gives a reading of blood glucose level at the time of testing.

Primary usage is self-testing at home to manage and monitor blood sugar as well as in professional use. The GlucoOne BG-03 features a screen that reads out the test results within 5 seconds, with the option to store up to 300 previous results.

Key Benefits

  • Dr Morepen glucometer provides highly accurate blood-glucose results quickly within a short time, freeing up time to get on with the rest of your day.
  • When used in conjunction with the Dr Morepen bp monitor, these two are important tools for diabetes and high-blood pressure management.
  • Requires only 0.5 microlitres of blood, using a tiny finger-prick is enough to generate a droplet of blood for the Dr Morepen glucometer strips to get precise measurements.


  • To measure blood glucose using the patient’s blood.
  • Monitor improvements in diabetes and the response to treatment.

How to Use

  • Read the user manual/instruction leaflet carefully.
  • Wash hands well, select a fingertip, must be off-centre.
  • Using the disposable lancet tip and pen-shaped lancing tool, carefully prick the skin on a fingertip.
  • Insert a fresh strip into the machine, apply a drop of blood to the test strip.
  • Note down the results.

Safety Information

  • Keep it away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Use each strip only one time. Keep it out of the reach and sight of the children.
  • Dispose off the strips after using them.

Readings from the Dr Morepen GlucoOne BG-03 are not a substitute for medical examinations from your doctor, please share your results with your doctor.


Q1: What items are included in the pack?

Ans: 50 strips for single use only are available in the pack of GlucoOne BG-03.

Q2: Are there any special skills required to use this product?

Ans: No, you can use it straight out of the box, follow the instructions provided carefully.

Q3: Is there any warranty on the GlucoOne BG-03?

Ans: Yes, a lifetime product warranty is provided by Dr Morepen.

Q4: How long do the strips take to expire?

Ans: Dr Morepen GlucoOne BG-03 strips expire approximately in 6 months.

Q5: Can I check my temperature with this device?

Ans: No, to check your temperature can use the Dr Morepen thermometer.

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