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Connect with Care Expert

Share your surgery needs, preferences, special requests

Step 2

Hospital & Doctor Recommendations

Select an experienced surgeon & premium hospital that match your requirement

Step 3

Surgery closure

Assisted transport & hospital admission. Cashless & no stress settlement

Step 4

Post-surgery support and feedback

Free doctor consultation & lab test. Share feedback on the process & Care Expert

Surgeries we cover


Blood vessels in and around the anus get swollen and cause pain


A condition causing abnormal linking of two body parts


A tear in the tissue lining the anus that causes bleeding

Pilonidal Sinus

A hole forms in the skin near the tailbone with hair and skin

Varicose Veins

Veins get enlarged and twisted, generally near the legs and feet


Veins get enlarged and twisted within the scrotum

Kidney Stone

Deposits of minerals and salts that harden within the kidney


Inability to retract skin covering the head of the penis


Swelling of the scrotum due to fluid build-up around the testicle


The lenses of the eyes become cloudy and disrupt clear vision


A laser surgery that permanently corrects vision


A condition where an internal organ bulges out abnormally


Removal of the gallbladder due to the deposit of stone/Infection in it


Inflammation of the appendix due to the accumulation of pus

Knee Replacement

Procedure performed on the knee to replace the joint partially or fully


Noticeable swelling of breast tissue in boys and men


Fat-based tissue lump that grows just beneath the skin


Performed to help curb excessive weight gain in case other mehods do not work

Breast Cancer

Uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in a body part/organ


Minimally invasive procedure to diagnose and treat problems in your joints

Hip Replacement

Prosthetic components are used to replace damaged bone and cartilage.


A surgical procedure used to remove excess fat.

Know us better

Know us better

PharmEasy SurgiCare strives to serve its patients for daycare surgeries, using the latest technology. We ensure a smooth experience before, during, and after treatment. Our team of highly experienced doctors assure that you receive premium care at our partner hospitals. From providing a detailed diagnosis, scheduling your surgery, commuting to and from the hospital, completing your insurance paperwork and hospital discharge to follow-up consultations, PharmEasy SurgiCare takes care of it all

Why opt for PharmEasy SurgiCare?

Team of experienced Surgeons

Dedicated Care

100% cashless procedure with minimum 20% savings

BenefitsPharmEasyNon PharmEasy
Free second opinion with the surgeon
Free pickup and drop service
Deposit-free admission for patients with insurance
Free upgrade to a private room
Free Insurance documentation & processing
Free Pharmeasy+ annual membership
Support for surgery financing and zero cost EMI
Guaranteed discount for Diagnostic tests

Our stellar doctors

Dr. Jiten Chaudhary

General Surgeon28 Years Experience

MS General Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Gautam Nadkarni

General Surgeon24 Years Experience

MS General Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Abhijeet bhagul

General Surgeon22 Years Experience

FCPS , MS General Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Pradeep Srihan

Laproscopic & General Surgeon21 Years Experience

MS General Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Vishal Tukaram

General Surgeon15 Years Experience

DNB - General Surgery, FCPS - General Surgery, MBBS

Dr. Susheel Dubey

General Surgeon15 Years Experience

DNB General Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Vinayak Sutar

Cosmetic Surgeon15 Years Experience

DNB Plastic Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Viraj Tumbwekar

Plastic surgeon15 Years Experience

MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS

Dr. Ashank Bansal

IR-vascular14 Years Experience

MD - Radio Diagnosis/Radiology, DNB - Radio Diagnosis, MBBS

Dr. Swapnil Tople

Urologist13 Years Experience

DNB - Urology/Genito - Urinary Surgery, MBBS

Dr. Vicky Jain

Cosmetic Surgeon13 Years Experience

MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS

Dr. Simit Vohra

Interventional Radiologist13 Years Experience

DNB - Radio Diagnosis, MBBS

Dr. Gaurav Kasat

Urologist13 Years Experience

MCh - Urology, MS - General Surgery, MBBS

Dr. Jatin Asher

Opthalmologist12 Years Experience

MD Opthal , DNB Opthal , MBBS

Dr. Rajan Garach

Cosmetic Surgeon12 Years Experience

MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS

Dr. Maunil Bhutta

IR- Vascular11 Years Experience

MD - Radio Diagnosis/Radiology, DNB - Radio Diagnosis, MBBS

Dr. Sameer Bagadia

Urologist10 Years Experience

DNB - Urology/Genito - Urinary Surgery , MS - General Surgery, MBBS

Dr. Srirang Yadwadkar

General Surgeon10 Years Experience

MNAMS, FICS , FCPS, FMAS , MS General Surgery , MBBS

Dr. Nikunj Mody

Plastic Surgeon9 Years Experience

MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS

Dr. Sameer Rambia

General Surgeon8 Years Experience

FMAS ( Minimal Access Surgery ) , MS General Surgery , MBBS

Want to hear about our track record?

Hear from our customers

Shreevant TiwariMumbai
My Care Expert got me a surgery package that included everything from my tests to the surgery cost. I also received a PharmEasy Plus membership for free after my surgery. PharmEasy keeps its promise.
Vijaylakshmi RavishankarMumbai
I am happy to have found PharmEasy. I was surprised to receive such excellent care even after my surgery. I really appreciate the quality of service provided. I would recommend PharmEasy to everyone going for elective surgeries.
Anindya RoyMumbai
Getting a surgery done without undergoing the hassles of insurance and paperwork was a first in my life. The Care Expert handles everything and I would highly recommend their service.
Sagarika JaiswalMumbai
PharmEasy handled my mother’s laser piles surgery with great care. The Care Expert arranged for our travel to the hospital and back home. We could even consult the doctor online which saved my mother a lot of trouble. She is recovering well and I am thankful to PharmEasy.
Ethel D’SouzaMumbai
Absolutely recommend PharmEasy for surgeries. Got my surgery done at a reputed hospital that too within my budget. Discounts from PharmEasy are great considering the premium service they provide.
Alefiya SpringwalaMumbai
I could not believe that my husband’s operation was completed within a day and he was discharged without any hassle. PharmEasy handled everything for us- from the insurance to the paperwork at the hospital.
Aadil RashidMumbai
I am very thankful to PharmEasy. They helped me get my surgery done from a great hospital. On top of that, the option of interest-free EMI payments made it possible for me to avail of this service. PharmEasy is a great option when it comes to excellent medical care at an affordable cost.
Harsh AkolkarMumbai
Got my father’s piles surgery done through PharmEasy. Their constant support is highly appreciated because they handled everything- from scheduling doctor’s appointments to post-surgery care. We are thankful to the doctors who helped my father undergo this surgery.
Vedika MaheshwariMumbai
Pre-operative and post-operative care provided by PharmEasy is top-notch. I got my mother’s laser piles surgery done through PharmEasy and follow-up doctor consultations were really helpful. I even received a 1-year subscription to PharmEasy Plus for free. I would recommend people to go for PharmEasy surgeries.
Jignesh BarotMumbai
PharmEasy Care Expert is a great support system. This dedicated support person took care of my hospital check-in, paperwork, and all discharge procedures. I thank PharmEasy for providing me with exceptional service for my surgery.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to consult a doctor online?

    Yes, you can consult doctors online through PharmEasy. We connect you to specialists across different fields of medicine, who can answer your queries and perform a diagnosis through chat or calls. Our specialists advise any treatment only after a thorough analysis of your medical history and current symptoms.

  • What care does PharmEasy provide for a patient on the day of the surgery?

    A dedicated Care Expert is assigned to you on the day of your surgery. They keep you updated about your surgery timings and even schedule any tests if required. The Care Expert arranges transportation for you and handles all kinds of paperwork at the hospital. You can stay relaxed before your surgery as Care Expert takes care of all the tasks.

  • Can emergency surgical procedures be availed of from PharmEasy?

    No. Surgeries from PharmEasy need to be scheduled in advance.

  • Does PharmEasy provide any post-surgery care?

    Yes. PharmEasy assigns a Care Expert to you before your surgery, who arranges for your transportation back home after the surgery. PharmEasy also provides post-surgery doctor consultations.

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