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Buy naphthalene balls online at PharmEasy

Our attire and clothing add to our personality. So it becomes very significant to protect what we own, which can quickly be done using naphthalene balls. PharmEasy has thus brought a wide range of naphthalene balls at great prices online to benefit their customers with this product.

What are naphthalene balls used for?

Naphthalene balls are white crystallised balls composed of either naphthalene or para-dichlorobenzene. These balls sublimate at room temperature, thus releasing fumes which inhibit the growth of fungus, fabric-eating moths, their larvae and eggs, protecting the cloth from damage. Naphthalene balls have a very strong odour and may also protect the surrounding from other pests and other worms. Use these balls with care and keep them out of the reach of children.

Top Brands and STPs

  • Savemore provides refined white crystallised naphthalene balls that are small and round, thus becoming the most chosen one from the lot available in the market.
  • Bengal chemical provides premium quality naphthalene balls at great prices, thus becoming one of the best brands from such products.
  • Clean Mate naphthalene balls are odourless and stain free thus protecting the garment not only from pests but also from the stubborn stain and the toxic odour that comes with the cost of shielding it.
  • Wonder Fresh offers various coloured naphthalene balls that help keep homes hygienic. They provide freshness and generally last longer
  • Presto is a newly launched brand by Amazon providing great quality naphthalene balls that can be used for various purposes for protection against odour and moulds in your wardrobes.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

Naphthalene best works in enclosed areas and starts to vaporise as soon as they are placed. Their protective effect may last for upto 3 months from when the seal is broken.

question 2

Naphthalene balls should be placed in airtight spaces such as a garment bag or a well-sealed container. You may also throw them in your wardrobes.

question 3

Naphthalene balls are toxic fumes that may cause damage when inhaled. They should be handled with care. Wash your hands after touching naphthalene balls and keep them away from children.

question 4

Cockroaches don't like the smell of naphthalene balls, thus making them an effective pest repellent.
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